When language stops


Photo, courtesy Chia.

NO ONE can completely describe the meaning of music.  Music is like the sky. It is far above us. It is so vast [endless]. I am just playing a small part of music. But music is something more. Music is one of the greatest things God gave us: like water, sun, trees. Music gives us a good feeling about life, love, friendship, parents. I want to share a saying of the great philosopher Confucius. “If you want to know about the culture of any country you must listen to its music.”   

     The Kurdish writer, his name is Bakhtyar Ali, said, “When the language of speaking stops, music will start.”  — Chia

Chia is from Iraqi-Kurdistan. His native language is Kurdish. He is a new student of English. The video below is of the trio he performs in with his brother and a friend. The beautiful piece was written by the trio.

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