We go to give them life and joy


Photos courtesy Chia


WITH my two friends we go to a hospital to play music. We go to the section where there are only children.  The name of the hospital is Hiwa. It means “hope”.  This is the fourth time we have gone. When we play, all the children and their mothers and fathers and doctors are so happy.  

     Children really need music because their problems are so difficult. My double bass is very, very funny to them because it is so big and they are so little.  I think it’s even more funny for the children’s parents!  I don’t think they’ve ever seen a double bass. They’ve just seen little instruments like the violin and flute.  I let them touch my bass and try to play it, and it makes everyone laugh.  

    This time when we went, there was one child crying very hard. The medical procedures were so hard for him. But when we started to play, he stopped crying. He forgot about his pain and was listening to us.     

     In the hospital there are many races and cultures all together. In all different languages we hear “thank you” and it makes us so happy. There is much joy and always there is clapping.  For other concerts we earn money. But it costs us money to do performances in the hospital.  We have to travel far to get there and travel is expensive.

    Some children are so ill it is hard to look at them.  And then we see them dancing!  You can’t believe they can do it and you can’t believe the joy it gives us.  And those who cannot move at all, I think they are maybe dancing inside. —Chia

……...Chia is from Iraqi-Kurdistan. His native language is Kurdish. He is a new student of English but his real language is music. Chia does our Music Page, for which there is always much clapping”. 

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