Traditional Kurdish women’s clothes

     Story by Chaman. Native language Kurdish.


Illustrations by Chaman


Do you wear special, traditional clothes when it is a holiday?

KURDISH women’s clothes are of many different kinds and colors. Generally, women’s clothes have six parts: a vest, a long sleeve jacket, a long overcoat worn over a gown [dress], an under-dress with pants and a belt over everything. In different places in Big Kurdistan the designs and number of parts change. [Big Kurdistan: Kurdistan has four parts. When we say Big Kurdistan, we mean all four parts.] For example, in some places, you can wear a hat which is decorated with valuable colored stones and with a shawl. Kurdish women will use lots of different accessories with Kurdish clothes. Young Kurdish women and girls use cool and colorful colors, but older women wear these clothes with dark colors. Also, young Kurdish women and girls wear these clothes for special events, but older women wear these clothes all the time.

     In Iraqi Kurdistan, March 10th is a special day when everyone wears traditional Kurdish clothes. People go to their places of work wearing Kurdish clothes. Students must wear Kurdish clothes that day. We do not study that day but we take photos with friends, classmates and teachers and we have a festival.  March 21st is our big holiday. It is the first day of spring and it is also the first day of the Kurdish New Year [Newroz] which means New Day. In all parts of Kurdistan people wear Kurdish clothes on this day. Finally, I would like to say that Kurdish clothes are attractive and very beautiful.

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