Some people can’t help but think in music

Some people, like Awder from Iraqi-Kurdistan, simply think “in music,” as easily as they think in their native language. They can conduct a symphony from a mountain or compose a melody in their sleep. Music is, perhaps, most beautiful because it is a universal language. 

I DON’T have a piano at home, so I practice at the Music Institute in Suliamania. After awhile away from the piano, I miss it so much. When I sat in front of the piano at the end of the summer, after a long time away from it, the music just poured out, without even thinking. I played this little piece for the first time and then the second time I recorded it for you. It is just an improvisation.  It just comes with your hands. You don’t think about it. 

     I love composing. Every time I sit down at the piano I love to try melodies. They are satisfying. They make you feel good.  It is something you can share with others. You can write them down and others can enjoy them too.  You can’t just play for yourself.  You have to play for others. It is just that way with music.

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