My sister teacher

    By Chaman whose native language is Kurdish. Chaman is in 11th grade now. 

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Photos courtesy Chia

MY sister was my teacher in grades 8 and 9. I was very happy that she was my teacher. It was a very nice time for me. Her lessons were very exciting and enjoyable.  

     In grade 8 she taught us physics and in grade 9 she taught a subject we call Society. It is geography, history and civics altogether. My sister’s teaching was different from other teachers. She taught with questions and answers. She never forgot anything about a lesson. She was also very fair with all students. She acted all the same toward them. When we had her lessons, she was calling on all students several times. But she called on me just a few times so the students would not say anything. All the lazy students in the other lessons were very clever in her class. Students really love her. Other teachers want students to memorize long lessons and repeat them, even if they don’t understand anything. 

     I am not saying all this about my sister because she is my sister. I am saying it because all the students say she is the best teacher with the most interesting classes. For example. My sister is the teacher of class 7. One year she had a lot of lessons and so there was not any time left for her to teach this class. The school manager [director, principal] chose another teacher for class 7. But the students did not agree. They said they would not go to their classroom without her! You know how in some countries, when people vote, they put ink on their thumb and press their thumb on the paper with their vote. The students in class 7 wrote a paper saying they would not go to class until my sister came back. They all signed this paper and stamped it with their thumb, but not with ink, with their own blood! 

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