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I AM a classical musician. I love music like I love life. I need music like    I need to breathe. When I feel hopeless music gives me life again. When  I play music, the world is bigger. I mean that I learn more about life. Music tells me about the life of others and about their countries and cultures. All art gives us something special. You have different feelings from it. Music gives me life, beauty, hope, and friendship all around the world. Without music I would not have friendships with people from different countries. They would not know how to meet me or be with me. Without music, I would understand life less.  —Author, Chia

Chia is from Iraqi-Kurdistan. His native language is Kurdish. He is a new student of English. The video below is an example of music bringing people together. Enjoy this rare combination of santur (Iranian dulcimer) and double bass. By the end you will be smiling like a child.

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