I love English. I practice in the shower

     In this photo, Norman is learning the English word, “Stay!” 

     Good job, Normie.


By Awder from Iraqi-Kurdistan. Native language, Kurdish. Awder is a very busy music student at the Fine Art Institute of Sulaimani. 

I WANT to tell you how I find time to practice English. Sometimes English learners say that they can’t find time to practice. But I want to tell you that 24 hours every day is a long time. I’m sure everybody can find some time—you just need to be in the right mood and love English. 

     About one year ago, I found a great website for learning English. It is called Effortless English. It is a method of learning that is totally about learning by listening. It is really incredible. I started to study using these lessons and I thought they were great. But, unfortunately, suddenly I was very busy and did not have time to practice. Then I decided that I have to find some time to do my lessons every single day. I started thinking, and then I realized that every day I take a shower. I thought, I can listen to my lessons while I’m in the shower! At first the idea seemed very weird [strange]. But I said to myself that I have to at least try it. 

    It was, actually, a really easy way to practice English and, after several months, I felt my English was improving. And I still use this way to learn English. Even if I’m very busy I can find time to practice English every day, even if just for 20 minutes. And so, I’m sure everybody can find time for practicing according to their lives. 

     This is the website I was talking about: http://effortlessenglishclub.com    Or you can try this website. It is totally free:   http://www.effortlessenglishpage.com/p/mp3-free-download.html

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