Every end is a new beginning

 By Chia, whose native language is Kurdish.


Photos courtesy, Chia

HISTORY has many records for the things that happen and change on earth. Music is one of history’s records. Look at the music of nations together with their geography and history. In music we can hear history and geography. The song of a shepherd in the mountains is very different from the music of someone who lives in the plains [on flat land]. A nation that has no war has very different music from a nation that has suffered much war. 

     My friend Ramal [who plays the oud] and I had an idea to bring together music from all parts of our country. We called the piece NEWS, meaning—north, east, west, south. We brought together, for the first time, melodies from these different regions into one piece of music. We tried to bring together what is good about these different cultures. We brought the regions together like friends, by bringing their music together. The beginning of this piece is sad, but then there is another, new beginning. We believe that every end is a new beginning in life.


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