All about lizards

This month we happily welcome Hawkins, a new writer from Noah’s Ark Academy in the northwest region of Kenya.  Hawkins is 13-years-old and is in the 8th standard (class). He joined Noah’s Ark in 2011.  He is part of an online tutoring program sponsored by the Invictus Institute.  In addition to English, Hawkins also speaks Swahili.  Welcome, Hawkins! 

A LIZARD is a cold blooded animal that lives under rocks and up the trees. Cold blooded means they can’t control their body temperature. That is why their body temperature remains low when the temperatures are low. They must have warm sun and warm air to move and live.

     Lizards are common where I live in Kenya. Lizards look like crocodiles and alligators, but a lizard is small and is not harmful.  Where I live people believe that lizards are afraid of men and boys, but like to jump on girls and women.  People have to sing a song and beat drums to scare them into their hiding places.

     Lizards are classified as reptiles according to the animal chart.  —Hawkins


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