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Photo courtesy Susan Stark

     This story is by Eunice, a remarkable young girl from South Korea. This is Eunice’s first story for InterestEng. Welcome!

I AM a high school senior at a school in the United States, but when I’m not at school I live in Korea with my family. I am interested in using education as a means for people to better themselves. I believe that education should be open to everybody. Education can increase one’s hidden abilities and help people break away from any sort of restraint. It is everyone’s right to experience education’s power. Right now, I am tutoring a student at SOLA, School of Leadership, Afghanistan. I have been tutoring students for three years. The Afghan girls helped me understand the importance of education in my life. I was changed by this experience and I want to continue to help them. It realize that this is what I want to do my whole life. 

     At first, I was surprised by the passion the students had for education. For girls to go to a school to get education is a struggle. They risk their lives. I felt lucky to have a safe environment in which to learn. No one has stopped me from learning and no one told me they would kill me for learning.  I was shocked at first, learning that my students experienced such threats. Then I was angry at the people who were stopping them from learning—and at myself, thinking I didn’t have any power to change this problem. 

     I started reading more about Afghanistan to understand the world the girls lived in. I began to believe that every second of our tutoring session was special. I wanted more students to feel this special time, so I made time to create the Zero Distance International Tutoring Program.


Photo courtesy Susan Stark. The photo is not of Eunice.


     The Zero Distance International Tutoring Program is a program run by a group of high school students interested in teaching others who are in need of it. We started out tutoring a few Chinese students, but our program grew in just one year. This is our third year and we are now looking for new students in other countries. I am also working as a student peer tutor in our school to help other students. These are the steps I am taking to achieve “education for all.” I believe in the power of one individual. If each of us do our best to help the people who come into our lives, that is more than enough to achieve education for all. I am just taking one small step at a time, but I hope that these steps will add up!

     My dream is to help people around the world have conversations with other people (via Skype) and to make a helpful program by using English articles, poems, speeches, and grammar. But most of all, I want to get to know more people and understand their backgrounds. I want to focus more on the concept of exchanging cultures. And I want to learn from them too!

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