Letter from a reader

Photo courtesy Steven Spassov


WONDERFUL.  InterestEng. is back with its monthly issues! And what wonderful stories. I am going to try firini (see recipe HERE). It sounds very much like a dessert called junket that we had as kids.  

     The story, “The best word” (read HERE) made me sad. Peace is something we, in this country, so often take for granted, especially folks like myself who can sit beside a mountain lake with only a loon calling, knowing that I have been able to attain all the dreams I ever had. How I wish for the young writer such a peaceful life.

     The same is true for the author of, “A girl, a mother” (read HERE).  She has put it eloquently . . . how wonderful it is to have dreams for your baby  . . . but at the same time the mother has lost her dream.  It is a hard place for a woman to be, and it is a story for women of all cultures and times.  

      Blessings on all the students. —Winnie


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