Helping people be clean




     Try going one week without a shower, without washing your hands or face, without brushing your teeth.  What would you feel like? The students participating in this year's international civics class were asked to think about such things, watch many different videos about civic-minded projects, comment on them, and then come up with a project of their own. Below is a sample of their thoughtful comments.

     THIS project is really creative and extremely effective. I love the idea of showers and how they help other people. It is really happy and inspiring to see people like Ms Sandoval. Projects and works like this, take every excuse from us about not being able to help people in need. —Frozan   

     THE idea of “Showers on Wheels” is creative and I would love to see this idea branch out to other cities and countries in need. I am inspired by Ms. Sandoval for spending her time and money for this project, which all started to help others. She didn’t start this project for attention, money, or other selfish intentions. She started this project for the well-being of others and I respect her for that. —Eunice

     IT is amazing to see how they put the shower in the bus. It looks very neat and clean. I think it is good to come up some good ideas for homeless people, because even small things we do can mean a lot to them. I like to watch how Ms. Sandoval worked on her project. It is very inspired. —Yuqi

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