Waiting for the tiger

Photo courtesy Smit Patel, Unsplash!

    Lahu receives a certificate of excellence for his English studies.With him is Dr. Harsha Joshi, the remarkable director of Akshara. 


InterestEng. is very privileged to work with a remarkable educational organization in the Pune region of India called Akshara.  The young teachers work in villages giving quality, life-changing education to remote village children. Lahu is one of the dedicated young teachers. He also takes English lessons with The School Inside.  His native language is Marathi. Here he writes about an amazing adventure. 

 A FEW year ago I and UWC  students [United World Colleges] went for an outdoor activity. Our aim was to find local seeds in order to preserve those seeds because where I live in India local plants had almost disappeared. So we were collecting seeds and planting them in order to preserve them.  

     Our journey started on the 23rd of April. First, we started our journey from the college.  We took some food for snacks and lunch with us. We went by car to the Mulshi dam. We reached the dam at 9.00 a.m. and waited for the ferry. A half hour later we got the ferry and left for the villages. In the villages, we went in groups and took some samples of seeds and information for our records. 

     We finished our work in one village and took lunch at their temple.  After lunch we walked around 8 kilometers, climbing a hill. It was very sunny and so we were very tired. After we reached the top of the hill we found a place to stay and we also found a water source. Up until that time there was no water on the hill, but after an hour we found water on hill slope. It was very steep but the water was very cold and tasty. When we found water we distributed it to the group.  After that we were bringing more water, bringing wood for a fire and cooking,  while some were cleaning a space for staying.

     We enjoyed that night a lot! We ate dinner and then we sang songs.  Later that night a local boy with us told us on this hill we have a tiger. He only told us and not the students, so we didn’t tell the students. We made a fire and three of us did not sleep that night.  In the morn- ing we told the students and they were all laughing! They couldn’t believe it.  After making snacks and tea, we came down to the village for our remaining work.  —Lahu

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