Tic Tac Math!

Above, children play Tic Tac Math. Below, Lahu receives a certificate of excellence for his English studies.With him is Dr. Harsha Joshi, the remarkable director of Akshara. 


Photos courtesy Akshara.


InterestEng. is very privileged to work with the remarkable educational organization, Akshara, located in the Pune region of India.  The dedicated, young teachers work in villages, giving quality education to remote village children, something that is literally life-changing for them and their families. Lahu is one of the dedicated young teachers working with Akshara. He teaches maths to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders. He also takes English lessons with The School Inside.  His native language is Marathi. Here he writes about his creative work with his village children. Lahu went to considerable trouble to write this story and make and send us the wonderful video below. It gives us a privileged glimpse into a special world. Thank you, sincerely, Lahu. 

A FEW days before I made this video, I introduced my second grade students to subtraction, my third grade students to multi- plication, and the fourth grade children to division.  Then I taught them a new game.  First, I said, “Let’s play a game!” And, of course, they were happy about this. I drew the tic tac toe structure on the board.  When I drew it, four or five children already knew how to play the game. So I called one child forward and I said, “You and I will play together.” After that we played a game.  Then EVERYONE wanted to play.  We played four or five  times.  But then I said to them, “We will play this game until our class ends, but now there is a twist!  I have one condition!”  

     I filled the squares with sums and said, “Now you must solve the math problems to play the game!”  The first time they tried playing with the math problems, it was a little hard and confus- ing for them.  So I choose two students who I knew could play.  After they played, all the students understood.  The children loved the game and loved to solve the math problems.  I also felt very good because the children thought they were just playing a game, but they were really doing my exercises! —Lahu

     Click the white arrow to play the video below and watch Lahu’s children play Tic Tac Math.  If the video freezes, let it play a few seconds (you will hear the audio) and then go back to the beginning and start it again. It will then play normally.                              

                                         Video courtesy Lahu.

                                        Tic Tac Math example designed by Lahu below.

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