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Nemaji is truly a gentle soul, and deeply committed to teaching children to be all they can be. He works with Akshara in its primary school. Nemaji's native languages are Hindi and Marathi. He takes English lessons with The School Inside. We asked Nemaji to tell InterestEng. about the children he works with. We are so grateful he did!  Thank you, Nemaji.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sometimes a student of English says a word or phrase that doesn’t exist in English—sadly, because it is better than any other! We invite you to consider the wonderful new phrase, “think full”—being full of thinking. 

MY name is Nemaji. I am working at Akshara. I am a Khelghar (1st to 4th grade ) teacher. I have worked 4 years with Akshara. I like reading books, singing, and dancing with my students. I like teaching Marathi, maths and English language with activities. 

     First I am making a plan for the Khelghar class and then I teach it to the students using an activity. I like to teach games, songs, dance, and many activities to the students. I very much enjoy my work and all the students enjoy my class. Students like to do very different and new games. For example, they like to do puzzle games, carom, kho-kho, cricket and ground games. Some students are very naughty and some students are very smart!

     Naughty students are very problematic in the class, so I have many activities for these students. They are very busy with these activities and they learn something from them. All students like to learn with a fun activity and by playing games.

     First I am thinking, what do I want the students to learn? How should I make a plan? I discuss my plan with my Akshara team and take suggestions and other activities. Then I will plan again. My students are smart, think full, clever and very naughty! 
I am proud of them. —Nemaji

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