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Pelagaeya, whose native language is Russian, is one of our youngest writers. She is now in 7th grade, but began writing for us when she was in 4th grade.

I THINK it is good to watch such videos because videos like this teach us goodness. But now you must watch it before I tell you more [below video].  

     I think that the boys did the right thing. The first boy was very poor and he wanted good clothes and shoes. But the poor boy wanted to help the rich boy. The rich boy loved his new shoes but he saw that the poor boy needed normal shoes and he gave them to the poor boy.

     When I watched the video, at first I thought the poor boy would steal the shoes. But when I saw that he tried to give the shoe back, my feelings immediately became more pleasant and easier. 

     I think that it was right that the rich boy gave his shoes to the poor boy. I like to watch these kind of videos. — Pelagaeya

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