The answer was to lose my fear



Kavita’s beautiful Jupiter


Photo courtesy Kavita

Below, Kavita receives a certi- ficate of excellence for her English studies.With her is Dr. Harsha Joshi, the remarkable director of Akshara.

InterestEng. is very privileged to work with a remarkable educational organization in the Pune region of India called Akshara. The young teachers work in villages giving quality, life-changing education to remote village children. Kavita is one of the dedicated young teachers. She also takes English lessons with The School Inside.  Her native language is Marathi. Here she writes about a very special victory. 

THERE were many adventures in my life but I would like to tell you one very special one.

Last year I didn’t know how to ride a two wheeler and I wanted to learn how at any cost. My brother tried to teach me to ride but I couldn’t learn at that time because of my fear of riding a motor cycle.  Everyone told me, “You will never learn! Leave it!”  

     I started to think why I couldn’t do it and then I got my answer.  And you know, that answer was my own fear of riding a two wheeler. So then I decided in my mind that what everyone says is impossible for me to do, I will do it!  After that I started to practice on my own. After few days I could ride well. When I learned to ride, I can’t tell you how much I was happy. This was a wonderful adventure. After that I bought a new Jupiter two wheeler!  —Kavita

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