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Kavita is a bright, vibrant young teacher working with Akshara in its primary school. Kavita’s native languages are Hindi and Marathi. She takes English lessons with The School Inside.  In March, she proudly voted for the first time, showing her English teacher her “inked” finger as proud proof! We asked her to tell InterestEng. a story from her childhood, a day that stood out to her as special. 

I WOULD like to tell you about a day when I was in primary school. Our teacher planned a lunch at a farm. The farm was near a river. Our teacher told us, “Please bring something to play with.”  So we brought things with us. We went to the farm with all the things we needed to make lunch. We all were helping the teacher cook spicy, vegetable pullav rice.

     We played a lot that day with our primary teachers. After some time we performed some songs and dances called, antakshari, in a group and we enjoyed that a lot. After some time we had lunch in a circle. We served rice to each other. The rice we cooked was very tasty.

     We all spent our whole day in that nature atmosphere and it was really beautiful. I will never forget that day from my childhood time. —Kavita

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