Festival of Colours

Akhil Chandran AM

Courtesy Akhil Chandran, Unsplash!


RANGOLI.  Photo courtesy Balaji.

Courtesy Himanshu Singh Gurjar, Unsplash!


Kavita is a bright, vibrant young teacher working with Akshara in its primary school. Kavita’s native languages are Hindi and Marathi. She takes English lessons with The School Inside.  Here she writes about the loved Indian Spring Festival called Holi: the Festival of Colours.  

I WOULD like to tell you about our Holi Festival, the Festival of Colours. There are so many traditional festivals in India and Holi is a one of them. Holi is a very nice festival. All day, before the night comes, we are playing with colours. 

    Now I would like to tell you about the night celebration. We collect some pieces of wood and put them in a triangle shape. We call that triangle shape, “Holi”.  We decorate very much with flowers and Rangoli. (Rangoli is the traditional way to celebrate this festival. See photo at left.) We all wear new clothes for Holi night and pray in front of the Holi. After that we burn the Holi. We burn any bad things that happened with us in the last year. We burn bad things going on in our mind and pray to the Holi to please burn all the things which are bad for me in your fire. 

     We also cook puran polli. It is a kind of sweet we eat on Holi night. So that is all about Holi night. —Kavita

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