A day in my childhood

Nitish Kadam AM

Photo courtesy Nitish Kadam, Unsplash!


Seema is a gentle, loving and determined young teacher working with Akshara in its primary school. Seema’s native languages are Hindi and Marathi. She takes English lessons with The School Inside. We asked her to tell InterestEng. about something special from her childhood. Thank you, Seema, for painting such a beautiful picture with words!

 I WOULD like to tell about a day when I was child. My child- hood gave me such great days. I never forget them because they are my best memories. I spent my childhood days with my sweet and lovely brothers. When I was small they were my best friends. We were playing all our games together. On holidays we spent all our time together, swimming in the river and going to the mountains.  We climbed trees and ate the mangoes. We spent our whole time together, so at that time my brothers were my best friends. We are 5 siblings. We ate together, slept together and also we were taking care of each other.  Now so many of them are married and some are at college in different places. My brothers and sisters and me we cannot meet often now. That’s why I miss my childhood life. —Seema   

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