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     A week in Paris

Alves Gaspar

Photo: Alves Gaspar, Wikipedia

MY parents, brother and I went to Paris for a week during our spring holiday. We went to the Louvre [a famous art museum], but I don’t like museums. After seeing La Joconde [the Mona Lisa], and another painting by the artist Raphael, and the Venus de Milo, my brother and I left.  


Mona Lisa


Venus de Milo

We went to the top of the Tower in the Notre Dame Cathedral. There are 387 steps, so you have to be in good shape. We visited the Catacombs of Paris, which is an ossuary. An ossuary is a place where they keep old bones and arrange them around the walls for you to look at. The person who made this place, George-Eugene Haussmann.  He didn’t like dead people in cemeteries above ground. He wanted to hide them below ground in quarries [places where you dig out rock] that were not being used. He was also the person who gave Paris all its big avenues.  

     We were going to try and go up the Eiffel Tower, but there was a four-hour wait because of all the foreign tourists (not Parisians). There were lots of foreign tourists everywhere in Paris, like always.  We stayed in a house that my father rented. It was in the 11th district of Paris.  We then visited the 13th district which is where Chinatown is. We had a meal in a Chinese restaurant.  The menus are in Chinese and English. My father ordered the meal, so we didn’t really know what we were eating. There was a dish which was a kind of jellyfish, that I really didn’t like. There was also something in breadcrumbs which tasted awful and so I couldn’t eat it!  But the beef with chili and green and red peppers was good!  

     There are lots of cultural places you can visit for free in Paris if you are under 26. It’s an European Union project started to encourage young people to be interested in cultural things. But I still don’t like museums.  Rozenn, Nantes, France


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