Maybe when I’m 18. . .


Photo courtesy, Susan Stark

IN France, we have two weeks of school holidays in May. During the first week, I just stayed at home in Nantes, relaxing and seeing friends, because my parents were working. During the second week, we all went to our house on the south coast of France. I like going to our house on the Mediterranean coast, because the sea is quite warm, but it’s a distance of 1200 km (745 miles).  It’s a long way to drive. 

Timo Newton-Syms

BUNGEE JUMP: That little dot by the arrow is a person jumping with a special springy rope tied to him!  Photo: Timo Newton-Syms

     I swam in the sea every day. The temperature was about 18°C (64°F), which is OK if you keep moving! My uncle and cousin were there as well.  With my uncle I could jump off a rock into the sea. The rock is about 12m (40 feet) high. My mother doesn’t like to watch me, but my uncle is calm!  To stop the impact of the water on my feet, I wear sea-shoes, the kind of shoes you wear on a sailing boat.  My uncle made a parachute jump once, which I would love to do.  Maybe when I’m 18, I will do a bungee jump. 

     We’ll go back to our house in the summer for two weeks, and also to Crete for two weeks. I have a long summer break, about ten weeks, and so I will probably do some sports activities during the rest of the time. I like basketball. The local sports club also offers handball, swimming and diving. There is football, but I don’t like playing this sport, because there is not such a good team spirit like in basketball. —A., Nantes, France


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