Going to France to cook


Photos courtesy Katya

Katya’s beautiful dishes!


Katya is very special to us as she’s been writing stories for InterestEng. since its first issue. Many of you may remember her wonderful stories and recipes as InterestEng.’s “Cool Cook” three years ago.  She has now completed her first year at a culinary school in Poland and just left for a summer program in France.  Her native languages are Ukrainian and Russian, but she also speaks English, Polish and French.

IT has been centuries since I have written!  Next month I’m leaving for France for 3 months in order to work, study, and have some cooking and language practice. I’ll live in a small town in southeastern France called Monieux, not far from the sea.  I’m really excited.  

     Last week I had practice in the kitchen at a local hotel. It was very interesting experience, but a little bit boring because no one wanted give me something to do!  So I just prepared ingredients for different dishes. 

     Today I’m going home for a week to see parents and grannies before leaving for France. I started learning French again and, I have to say, I now know that practicing a language is important because I forgot almost everything I knew!  But, fortunately, we have wonderful teachers who help us.  

     Here are some photos of dishes I prepared recently. —Katya


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