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         I want to hug Hug


Hug. Photo: Yuqi

WHEN I was ten, on my birthday, I got a dog. He was all white. I named him Hug. I was his first friend. I was in grade school then. When I started middle school things changed. I started school at six in the morning and did not return home until 6:30 at night. In China students have long school days. I didn’t have time to take good care of Hug. My mother works very hard and so she didn’t have time to take good care of him. So in the summer we took Hug to my uncle’s house. He has a home where you can relax by a river. The river is very deep. 

     The day we took Hug to my uncle’s house, was a hard day. Hug ran to the river and fell down the bank. He tried to get back up the bank. He climbed very hard with his claws. But it was too hard for him. I heard him bark. I ran fast. I was very afraid he was going to fall into the river but I caught him. It was the last thing I did for him. 

     I would say to someone who has to give up a dog: it is good to do what is right and best for your dog. Then you can be happy knowing you did the right thing.  — Yuqi

P.S. Here you can see Samoyeds singing Happy Birthday! It’s a little funny.

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