The goat-herder


ONCE THERE WAS a goat-herder who had many goats. His neighbor was a hunter with 3 children. The goat-herder and the hunter were good friends, but the hunter owned mean dogs. The dogs jumped over the goat-herder’s fence and hurt the baby goats. Many times the goat-herder asked his hunter friend to take care of his dogs, but the hunter did not think it was necessary. He always answered, “Yes, I’ll control them.” But he did nothing. 

     The goat-herder began to hate the hunter. A few days later, the dogs attacked the goats again and bit some baby goats. The goat-herder was so angry that he went to see a Judge. He asked the Judge to punish the hunter. The Judge said: “I can punish the hunter, but if I do that you’ll lose a friend because he will fight you in court. Do you want to fight—or do you want be his friend?” 

     “I want to be his friend,” said the goat-herder. 

     “Then do what I tell you. I promise his dogs will not hurt your goats again and you will still be friends,” said the Judge with a smile. Then the Judge told the goat-herder what to do. 

     The goat-herder went home, chose three of his most beautiful baby goats and gave them to the hunter’s children. When the children saw the beautiful little white goats, they loved them. They played with them every day after school. The hunter was now afraid that his dogs would hurt his children’s goats, and so he made a big dog pen to keep the dogs in. After that, the dogs didn’t hurt the goat-herder’s goats anymore. The hunter gave the goat-herder some animals he caught to thank him for giving his children the baby goats. The goat-herder, in turn, gave the hunter milk and cheese. From that time on they were close friends again. 

     The moral of the story is, there’s a way to love those who are against us. If we learn to want happiness for our “enemy” then there is a chance our “enemy” will no longer fight us and we won’t be enemies.  Victor (Miss Rai’s student) 


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