Only 12 animals came

Chinese New Year will be January 31, 2014. It is the year of the horse.

Peter Morgan, Beijing Old Town Lijiang, Yunnan China

Photo: Peter Morgan. Lijiang, Yunnan. Used with permission.

IN CHINA, when preparing for the New Year, people do traditional things. A few days before the New Year, people put down their work, and return to their homes and families. Part of the family goes to prepare firecrackers. Others make dumplings. Children help do these things. They help their parents clean the house. The day before the New Year, people make their house very clean, because they want to sweep away the old year’s unhappy things and welcome in the New Year’s good luck. They put “fu paper” (a paper with greetings) on the door to welcome the New Year. The paper is always hung upside down!*  > > > 

On New Year’s day, people unite to welcome the New Year and watch special programs. Children do not rest this night! They wait for 12:00! They and their friends make happy firecrackers outside. In the dark sky there are created beautiful colors! They add color to the New Year. I would like to be able to unite with my family in the New Year. This is the most happy thing.   Yuqi 

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