My mom wasn’t happy


     Yuqi’s native language is Chinese. He loves basketball and art and learning English. 

WHEN I arrived in Beijing in June for my summer vacation, my mother gave me a new white T-shirt.  The shirt was really nice and very comfortable. It says MONSTER HUNTER on it. The second day I wore it, my mother made rice noodles for us.  I like many peppers in the noodles. It makes the broth very red and beautiful.  I was really hungry.  I quickly took my chop sticks and started to eat.  I took too many noodles too fast.  Suddenly my new white shirt was red all over the front. My mother was so angry with me! That night she worked and worked to get the stain out.  She scrubbed and scrubbed my monster shirt. Finally, she got it clean.  I wore it when we went to visit the Great Wall of China. (I’ll write about that next month.)

     Now when I wear this shirt I eat more carefully.  But if we are going to have rice noodles I wear another one.  —Yuqi


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