The music in my garden

bigger potatoes


Yuqi, whose native language is Chinese, is now a busy senior in high school. He has been living in America four years and writing for InterestEng. for two years. Recently, Yuqi has taken on writing about videos.  Here’s his latest commentary.

THIS video is from a Chinese show called Talent. Basically, people come and show their special talents or skills, like these two performers. But these two musicians are using vegetables as musical instruments to create amazing sounds! It’s pretty funny when the host who’s behind the stage says that the music can be found in the ground. 

     The show has three judges, and their job is to evaluate the performers and say whether they pass or not. Performers who pass can go on to compete with others. But, unfortunately, these two men did not pass. At the end of the video, one of the judges comes to the stage. He thinks they were cheating and not really playing the vegetables. But then one of the performers plays each “instrument” smoothly and shows that the talent was coming from him. Although they did not pass, they earned a round of applause. I personally think the musicians were awesome!  —Yuqi

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