Happy better year!

A new year becomes a better year when we help others.

THIS NEW year will be different for me. I made some special plans. In the past I made plans to improve myself, but my plans this year are about helping others. 



    First, the earth is becoming very polluted. This is really bad for us, so we need to do our best to protect the earth. In the coming year, I’ll use my weekends to pick up rubbish in the parks of our city. Also, there are many small advertisements in public places. They make the places look messy and bad. People are not supposed to put up these advertisements and so I will use my free time to remove them. I want to help make our city more beautiful. I’ll ask my classmates to help me, too. I’ll invite them join me to do good things.

     Also I will use one or two of my weekends to go to an orphanage and visit the orphans. I’ll be kind to them and give them gifts. I’ll read books to them. I’ll help them feel better. If I have more time, I’ll go to a home for the elderly and visit them. I’ll buy some small but really lovely gifts for them. I don’t want them to feel alone any more, but happy.

     My last plan is about my home. My parents work hard every day. I think they must be very tired. I’ll help them do the housework and then they can have a rest. I’ll make them see that I love them. Making my parents feel better is the most important thing for me as their son. 

     I think that all these plans are really about my own self-improvement. I will learn a lot from them. They will make me a better person. They will make me do my best to make the world better.  

Victor (Miss Rai’s Class)

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