Funny Firsts


ONE WEEKEND when I was 12, I was playing badminton. When I finished, I took the bus to go home. I was sleeping in the bus because I was so tired. The bus went all the way to the end. Nobody told me that the bus ride was over and I must get out.  The bus driver locked the door   and started to leave.  When I knocked on the window I scared him.  He said, “I told everyone to get off the bus!  Why didn’t you get off ?”  I didn’t answer because I was so angry with myself.  I just got off and started to walk home. The bus station was for buses going to other countries. When I started to leave all alone, I didn’t know what people thought. Maybe they thought I was a famous professional athlete coming from another country! But then I thought that maybe people thought I lost my parents. I was glad no one knew that I just fell asleep.  —Yuqi

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