Funny firsts!

Do you remember your first bicycle?

new bike

IN my town in China, the middle school was close to our home so my mother bought me a bicycle to go to school. She bought me a very good one. It was very expensive. My friend came to ride with me when I got it. It was my first time so I rode very slowly. But my friend was a little bad. He went a lot faster than me. So I had to go faster. It was a little dangerous because the road was narrow and there were many cars. I was holding the handle bars very hard, I was so nervous. There were lots of parked cars and we were very close to them. Finally, I got too close. I hit the side mirror of a parked car. I felt awful. It was a police car. Fortunately, the policeman was not in the car.  After that I learned to ride better. I don’t hit police cars now.   — Yuqi

Greg O'Beirne

  India.  Photo: Salim Virjii

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