Do you remember the first time you used a washing machine?

Washing machine2

WHEN I was a little boy my father went to America and my mom took care of me. Once, she went to work and I was home alone. I saw lots of dirty clothes in the laundry room and decided to help her. I never used a washing machine before because I was just little. But I saw that the machine was empty and so I put the dirty clothes in it. Then I went to the kitchen to look for soap. I saw some white powder. I didn’t know that it was flour. I put the clothes in the machine and put some flour in and started the machine. When it was done I opened the door. I didn’t understand why all the clothes had white sticky paste all over them. All day I waited for my mom to come home with the feeling you have when you break one of your mother’s best dishes. I was so afraid, until she laughed.  

Yuqi  (9th grade, native language Chinese)


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