Pulling up some, lifts everyone


Yuqi, whose native language is Chinese, is now a busy senior in high school. He has been living in America four years and writing for InterestEng. for two years. Recently, Yuqi has taken on writing about some pretty thought-provoking videos.  Here’s his latest commentary.


InterestEng.photo.  Syrian refugee children from The School Inside.


JUSTIN Trudeau cried when he met a family of Syrian refugees! As Canada’s Prime Minister, he actually welcomed them like they were part of his family. His compassion and tears, which show his sympathy, do not make him weak, however. It shows his willingness to really look at the refugee issue. He is daring to welcome the refugees. Instead of hearing news stories about how many wet life-jackets are out there, Justin Trudeau he is trying to do his part to solve the problem.  

His tears show me that he believes there is still hope for these refugees. He gives refugees opportunities because he knows that the future will be better for them and for his country if they are working together. Maybe people living in Canada are concerned that Mr. Trudeau’s job should be taking care of his own people first, instead of letting strangers come in. But I think he is trying to help because he understands that every innocent refugee deserves a better life in our cruel world. I don’t know enough about politics to know if Justin Trudeau is a good leader or not, but after watching this short video I can tell that he did something that most leaders would not have done. —Yuqi

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