The significant contributions of immigrants


     Should you be able to live in any country you want?  How would our world be different if people had never moved to new lands?  


 If America did not exist, we would have had to invent it for our survival.   ITALIAN IMMIGRANT

Some American immigrants: Albert Einstein, Bob Hope, Madeleine Albright, John Muir, Yao Ming, Joseph Pulitzer, Irving Berlin, Yo Yo Ma, Samuel Goldwin.      

Story by Yuqi.  Native language, Chinese.

IMMIGRANTS make a country different than it could be without them. They help a country because they come from other countries and bring their cultures and thinking to their new country. This makes a country grow from having one culture to many cultures. They have different and new ways of thinking. Their ideas can improve a country. When they come to an unfamiliar country they want to learn about it and that helps our world. If they work hard, they will improve a country’s economy and society. A country also helps immigrants get a good education and be free.   

     When people from different countries come to a new country, they make friends and begin to work together. People become interested in each other.  From this there is more understanding in the world. 

Q “Courage is the passport when your old world disappears.”


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