If everyone had an Uncle Irving

     By Frozan whose native language is Dari. Frozan is a graduate of SOLA, School of Leadership, Afghanistan and is now studying abroad. Last summer she attended summer school in America.

ON my first trip to America I met someone amazing. I wish all people were like him, then we wouldn’t have so many of the problems that we have today. Everyone calls him Uncle Irving. I am not sure how old he is, but he is like my grandfather. He is so active and he is a really, really wise man. He does things that are unbelievable. He works more than most young men. When I saw his work, I was so surprised. For example, he used the internet to learn how to make a thermo energy workshop that is heated by the sun and by rock under the ground. When I listened to him I was thinking, “How could someone do all these things alone and without anyone to teach him?”  I think he is a genius. 




     The other good thing about him is that usually he does not need to pay money for the things he needs. For his projects he uses second hand tools he has fixed or tools he made himself. He collects tools and materials that other people say are not good; things people just throw away. But Uncle Irving takes them and turns them into wonderful things. With the second hand tools and building materials other people wanted to throw away, he made a beautiful house for his daughter! It’s hard to believe people could throw away such good things. If people saw the things they threw away and how Uncle Irving used them, and how he made them so useful, I think they would wonder why they threw them away. 

     I wish all people in the world thought like Uncle Irving! By using everything carefully, we would give more people the chance to live better. I am so happy for Uncle Irving because he does what he thinks is correct even when other people don’t do what is correct. In Islam we say that working is the same as praying. And so I am happy that Uncle Irving is never tired of working.  

     Now I try to act like Uncle Irving and not waste things.  Sometimes just one person can really change your life.

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