A traditional pumpkin pie

FOR THE FIRST time my family celebrated Thanksgiving this past year. On Thanksgiving Day in America there was no school here in Ukraine because the next day was our Higher Education Olympics day. I was competing for my school in French. I was supposed to stay home and study all day. But when I woke up  I remembered that it was Thanksgiving in America. I thought, “I’ll surprise my family and make Thanksgiving for them.”  I took a huge pumpkin and cut it up and boiled it. First, I made pumpkin cupcakes. Then I made pumpkin cookies, and finally I made a real American pumpkin pie. It took me all day. When my family came home, there was pumpkin everywhere. They said, “What’s this?!” I told them, “It’s to celebrate Thanksgiving!”  And then we ate everything I made. It’s a wonderful holiday.   

P.S. Americans eat turkey, vegetables and potatoes on Thanksgiving, too. Honest. —The Editor 

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