Christmas in New York


Photos: Annette



I love New York. It never stops. It’s so alive. People are always going, going, going. . . .  They rush by you like a river. And they are always thinking. You see it in their faces. It’s very interesting. Each month I’d like to share some New York moments with you.  

I have been waiting all year to tell you about Christmas in New York. You cannot imagine how beautiful the decorations are! If you are in Manhattan at night you just want to stay and look at everything without saying a word. As you walk along the streets, you realize you have never seen anything like it anywhere.  

     The stores, of course, are all decorated for Christmas. They are like real museums. They are full of such interesting things. You want to buy everything you see. The souvenirs are wonderful. You want to buy one because it would always remind you of the happy time you spent here. Also, you must not forget to see the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center.  And if you can, try to be there for the light show. It’s incredible! There are a lot of people and it’s hard to reach the tree, but it’s possible and it’s worth the effort.  Happy holidays to you.   — Annette

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