A New York Moment (#3)

 A day in Central Park


I love New York. It never stops. It’s so alive. People are always going, going, going. . . .  They rush by you like a river. And they are always thinking. You see it in their faces. It’s very interesting. Each month I’d like to share some New York moments with you.  — Annette

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “Central Park”? I always remember the cartoon Madagaskar. Do you know this cartoon? If so, you know there is a zoo in Central Park. It is not very big, but still I think it’s a great zoo. There you can find any animal you like, even a red panda. That was a surprise for me, because before that I never knew about them. Not long ago I visited Central Park. It is an incredible place to relax. It’s very cool that in the middle of a big city you can feel the quiet and calm of nature. Even the air is different. The park is huge. It’s 2 1/2 miles (4 km) long and 1/2 mile (.8 km) wide, but really it feels like it goes on forever. While you’re walking, you see a lot of different types of trees. And there are a lot of squirrels. The thing is, they are not afraid of people! When you are tired of walking, you can find lots of good places to sit and relax. It can be a beautiful bench or just the grass. If you’re hungry, you can definitely find some man selling croissants or hot dogs. You can also take your own food and have a picnic. Central Park is really a great place to rest from the city. So if you ever go to New York, definitely go to Central Park and have some fun!

central park

Image: Wikipedia, free use.


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