What a difference love makes


Uzbek mother and child. Photo:Susan Stark


THIS video showed me the beauty of life in Africa. They aren’t rich, their life is hard, and they don’t have money to buy whatever they want. But nothing takes their joy from them. They’re all dancing and you start smiling just watching this video. You see such amazing beauty in their happiness, in the warm sunshine, and in their smiles. I think the people who made this film wanted to show us another way of life. They wanted to show who they are. It’s hard to live there, but they have their family and friends, and so they love their homeland. It says a lot about them.  

— Vanya

Vanya’s native languages are Ukrainian and Russian. He will be a senior in high school this year. He plays a big role on the InterestEng. staff as Assistant editor, Film editor and Paw Page editor.  

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