Today’s a good day to begin


       By Frozan, whose native language is Dari. She is in 9th grade.



THIS is such an inspiring video! It shows that it is never late to learn. I showed it to my mother. She is uneducated. I wanted to teach her at least reading this winter, but she says it is too late for her to learn. I hope she will learn to read one day! It is sometimes just the environment that keeps someone from learning. I think we all can learn, but each person needs an environment in which to learn. When we give people that environment, the opportunity, then I know everyone can learn.

     One of the things I loved most about the video is that this woman is not ashamed to be with little children. She has so much patience to be with all their noise. She is not just coming for the studies. She is willing to join in everything: the children’s singing and dancing.  If we want something enough we can be as active as a child. Inspiration gives us the energy to do anything.

     Education does not need a certain age. It’s never too late for us to study. Whenever we start it is the right time.  

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