The Song of a Farmer


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One of our readers very kindly sent us this video thinking that our students might be encouraged by it. They were. Chia, InterestEng.’s favorite musician, summed up the farmer’s song in these words: “What a sound he has! It is very rare. You can’t imagine how difficult it is to achieve the tone and quality in his voice that he has. All day today his song motivated me. You know, music is so much higher than us, so much bigger than us. We are just the instruments. And you can see it in this man. He is living in a place with no rain, but his soul is full of life, rain, and water.” 

     The farmer lives in an area in South Africa experiencing its most severe drought in a century. The song the farmer sings is one he wrote and in a language he made up. We hope you’ll feel as we did, that it is an exquisite language—a language of soul.

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