The Great Green Wall of Africa

Satellite image of wall: public domain


Zamzama is from Afghanistan and is a student at SOLA: School of Leadership, Afghanistan. This year she was able to travel to India for the first time and now has a great eagerness to learn more about other countries and people.

MANY African people, especially women, are taking part in     a project called the Great Green Wall. The wall will span eleven countries.  This project helps African women to have money and work. The women also want their children to work on this Great Green Wall project.  There are 200 women who work on this project in Senegal, for example, and they are being paid well. I learned that this project will reverse desertification in Africa and this what I liked about the project. The story teaches us how to think about things that can help the world and help people live better.  They are the best possible women, I think, because they think about something that can help Africa be better and they also have a job which is really useful.  I feel very, very happy and proud about these African women! —Zamzama

Here is one more video to inspire you!

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