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This story is about a school in Togo, West Africa. You can read another story about Togo HERE.


The British School of Lomé


Photos: Robert Simoneau




MY name is Christopher and I come from Nigeria. I live in Lagos, Nigeria which is about 206 kilometers [500 miles] from The British School of Lomé where I study. I am in the 10th grade and live at the school as a boarder. My boarding house [the house I live in] is called Windsor.  A typical day for me starts by waking up at 5:30 a.m. and preparing myself [getting ready] for school. Breakfast starts at 7:30.  I finish eating around 7:45. I then go to my locker and retrieve [gather] the books I need for my lessons. 

     I have six  periods each day. After two periods we have a break time which last for 20 minutes. Each of the periods lasts one hour. At break, students are allowed to relax and eat snacks. The food is served in the quadrangle [courtyard] by our very polite break room staff. At the end of break time we return to classes and then after another 2 periods we have lunch time. It is 45 minutes long. We eat in the cafeteria upstairs in the main school building. The kitchen staff try their very best to provide us with both African and Western delicacies [special and expensive foods] which everyone loves. Their expertise and finesse [their cooking skills] leave you wanting more. After lunch, students can relax until it is time to go back to classes. The library is a very popular place because of its large collection of books. It also has a screening area that shows different movies and educational documentaries from time to time. When the bell rings at 1:15, we all know that its time to head back to our classes to work for another 2 periods. After these, the school day is over at 3:15. Students may leave the school grounds unless they have after school activities. 

     The British School of Lomé gives us many activities to choose from. Some of these activities are football, basketball, tennis, badminton, volleyball, chess and board games. On Saturday mornings activities are planned for boarders [for students who live at the school] to keep them entertained. The activities are things like sports, intellectual games or outings to the zoo. These last for two hours and then there is lunch. After the activities and lunch, we relax until the evening when we have evening activities. We watch movies or have some other sports.  The activities are always different. My school creates an environment that makes sure we will learn and progress. I can’t see myself anywhere else.  — Christopher

This is Christopher’s first story for InterestEng. Welcome, Christopher! 


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