Grammarchips (#7)



     Since it is the end of another school year and you are about to finish your studies, we thought you might like to know the difference between end and finish. The words end and finish both mean to have something come to a stop. And they can be used as verbs or nouns. 

         SO here’s a simple rule: 

    1) Use finish if you completed something you were just doing, or when you stopped doing it.  

    2) Use end when you are talking about a big event or something important coming to an end.

                       face7a   For example:

I just finished my last test. I’m so glad the school year has come to an end. This year was really hard.

World War II ended in 1945. I read a book about it. I finished reading the book during my vacation. 

I’m afraid the summer has come to an end. Last week, I finished gathering all the vegetables in the garden just before the first frost.

Here’s a story to  __  with:

EVERYONE thinks they know the story of the rabbit and the turtle and how the story ends. A rabbit and a turtle have a race. The rabbit takes a nap [short rest] and the turtle finishes first. But this isn’t really the end of the story. They had another race and the rabbit did not go to sleep. He ran as fast as he could and finished the race long before the turtle. But this still isn’t the end of the story because some lessons never come to an end, they are too important.

     The turtle asked for another race. This time, the race included a lake. A rabbit cannot swim and so, of course, the turtle finished first. And, you guessed it, I haven’t finished telling the story. When I finish, it will be the end of the story. 

     The turtle and rabbit got tired of racing. They became friends. They traveled all over the world together. Working together always ends well.


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