Grammarchips (2)

Chocolate chip grammar tips.



NO  and  NOT

1) Here is the simple rule: 

     Not is used with verbs.
No is used with plain nouns (nouns without “the” or “a”).
No is used to answer questions.


Unhappy socks.


*Adjectives describe places, people or things.

*adverbs: are words that are “added” to verbs. They usually end in “ly”. 


     No person should treat his socks badly. If you do, your socks will not be happy. They will fall down and you will be embarrassed (your face will turn red).  If you are in school you will not know what to do!  No one can help you. You must pull up your socks when no one is looking.
     Do you know the cause of unhappy socks?  
No.  It is a clothes dryer.  Ask a sock if it likes flying around in a hot box with shirts, towels and shorts. It does not.  But who teaches sock care today?  There are no teachers. Where are the children learning to respect their socks?  I do not know any.  Unless something changes there will be no socks left on earth that can walk with pride. There will not be any. But this is not all. Please read on.  

2) Not is also used with adjectives* and adverbs*.



     Socks are not happy campers in a dryer. Socks like to blow in the wind. Socks are not sad hats for your feet. They have dignity. But can you tell me why no one defends sagging socks?  Not quickly. I will tell you. Because fewer and fewer people wear socks! 

     Not really. I was just kidding you, even though that is not nice to kid people. (Happy April Fool’s Day!) 


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