Chocolate Grammarchips (1)


  Chocolate chip grammar tips. (You can’t believe how tasty they are.)



*MUCH* is used when the amount of something is not exact. It describes a general idea. Remember that whatever “much” describes is always in the singular.

*MANY* is used to describe an exact amount.



3 Examples :)

A baker said, “My dear, every day I bake you a cake! How many cakes can one man bake? Why won’t you marry me?!”
But the young woman he loved cried and said, “I’ve eaten so 
much that none of my clothes fit! If I marry you I will soon look like an elephant!” After many tears, she left the baker to marry a pencil maker. 


A young woman said to her poetic boyfriend, “My dear, you’ve written me so many love stories … and so many poems. I am sure that you love me. Why won’t you marry me?”
The young writer replied, “I’m sorry, my dear, but I don’t have 
much time for marriage. I’m too busy writing.”


An old wise man said, “You can never have too much devotion or too much praise for the woman you love!” 
But the old woman sitting beside him cried and said, “You’ve told me that all my life. I’ve grown old waiting for you! Why don’t you marry me?”
The old wise man replied, “Because I have too 
much patience, my dear. I would rather wait.” 

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