Chocolate Grammar Chips (#10)

A prefix is a group of letters you “glue” on the front of a word.  For example, pre is a prefix! When you stick pre onto the word fix it becomes the new word “prefix” and means something that comes first on a word and changes the meaning of a word. There are hundreds (100s) of prefixes! Here are some common ones.  Try “sticking” them onto other words you know.

* DIS:

“dis” => not

1) appear, disappear (to not appear, to not know where something is) 

2) honest, dishonest (to not be honest)

3) obey, disobey (to not obey)

* RE:

“re” => to do something again

1) build, rebuild  (to build again) 

2) write, rewrite  (to write again)

3) new, renew  (make new again)

* UN:

“un”  => not

1) clear, unclear  (not clear)

2) happy, unhappy (not happy)

3) known, unknown (not known)

* MIS:

“mis” => something done wrong

1) understand, misunderstand (to not understand correctly)

2) behave, misbehave (to not behave correctly)

3) inform, misinform (to not inform correctly)

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