The tree of my country


      Chia is from Iraqi-Kurdistan. Here, Chia takes us with him on one of his hikes through the mountains of Kurdistan—something he loves as much as music. Chia is a classical musician and is currently studying at a conservatory in Trieste, Italy. Chia speaks Kurdish, English and Italian.

WHEN I saw this tree I had to take a photo of it.  It was so important to me. The tree is divided into 2 pieces, but it is still alive. It lives in the hard, dry ground but it has full, green leaves and gives us a nice view and even shade. It is like my country. It is divided into 4 pieces. But still our own culture and language lives! Our piece, like the tree, is hardly there, but it is so alive. It tells us there is a soul. It tells us that the body is important but it not all of life. The root of the tree is stronger than any rocks or rushing water that tries to hurt it.  The roots are not touched and the tree lives. —Chia

Photograph courtesy Chia.


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