The mystery of our grandmother

      This story is by Katya.  You know Katya as our film editor—and some of you will remember her as our  “Cool Cook” who shared Ukrainian recipes with us. Katya is now a senior in high school and soon to leave for Poland where she will study in a culinary school. Katya is fluent in Ukrainian and Russian, and has learned to speak English, French and Polish very well!



A GRANDMOTHER can’t be a grandmother without cooking lots of delicious dishes!   

     This story happened last summer. My grandmother’s other daughter (my aunt), my uncle and my cousins come to visit us every summer. And last summer wasn’t an exception. But last summer they had just started a new diet because they wanted to lose some weight. It was a hard for them not to eat sweets or something fat. So, knowing that our grandmother will cook so many dishes that you can feed the entire street, they didn’t inform her that they were coming.

     When they arrived, our grandmother almost cried! It was not only because she was happy to see all our family together, but because she had not cooked anything. So she told us to all go for a walk for two hours. When we came back the table was full of dishes! There was fish, different types of meat, and lots and lots of pies and salads. 

    None of us knew what to say!  We were speechless!  How could she do so many dishes in such a short period of time?!  Even until now it’s a total mystery to us.  —Katya

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