The food pot with enough for all

Reprinted from a 2019 issue of InterestEng.   

Photo courtesy Unsplash!

ATTU and Gattu are best friends. They are five years old. They love fishing and they like to walk in the forest.  One day they make a plan to visit the forest. That day they wake up early in the morning and freshen up. They put on fancy clothes and pack a bag full of fruits. 

     The forest road is very scary. They hear some scary noises. After that they understand that they are the noises of frogs. Foxes are making some funny sounds too. They enter into the forest quickly and continue walking.  But the forest is scary!  They want to return home but they can’t find the way back. They are very nervous. They are searching for their way. 

     Suddenly, there is a fresh scent in the air.  It is the scent of lots of flowers. They sit by the flowers and decide they can stay there safely. They open their bag and get some figs. But then they hear a cry from the forest. They go there and find five forest kids. The kids are very hungry. They have no food. 

     Attu and Gattu are very hungry. They have limited fruits but they are ready to help these kids. They give all the figs to the kids. As they do this a Fairy comes. She watches all the things happening. The Fairy is very happy with Attu and Gattu. The Fairy gives a pot to Attu and Gattu, a pot that will always have enough food for everyone. The pot gives lots of food to eat. Attu and Gattu take the special pot and Fairy helps them find the way home. They get out of the forest and say thank you to the Fairy.

     Attu and Gattu reach home. They are very happy. They show the special pot that always has enough for everyone to their friends. Their friends are very excited to eat some tasty food from the pot. From that day Attu and Gattu start helping the hungry people and needy people.

     If you got this special pot, how would you use it?  

                          — Story by Nemaji, a grade school teacher from the Pune region of India

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